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Investigación de Operaciones

Free Download Investigación de Operaciones… By Hamdy A. Taha Publisher Pearson 2012 ISBN 9786073207966 Edition 9 Pages 827/827 Code: 1046882 Title: ..

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Путешествие по системному ландшафту

Free Download Путешествие по системному ландшафту… By Гарольд Лоусон Publisher ДМК Пресс 2013 ISBN 978-5-94074-923-3 Series Библиотека Русского ин..

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Underwater Explosions

Free Download Underwater Explosions… By Robert H. Cole Publisher Princeton University Press 1948 ISBN 9780486613840 Pages 464/0 Code: 1410107 Title:..

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Electrostatic motors; their history, types, and principles of operation

Free Download Electrostatic motors; their history, types, and pr… By Walker, David K.; Jefimenko, Oleg D. Publisher Electret Scientific Co. 1973..

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